Reman         Test and Report


Common Rail injector                                   £190                      £26

Common Rail pump                                     £565                     £145

Unit injector                                                  £225                       £35

Test and Report inclusive if unit supplied.

Common rail injector test price based on testing minimum of 2, otherwise

minimum of 1 hour.

All items priced per unit unless otherwise stated.

Prices include normal service items but not major components.

All prices are subject to change, please contact us for latest prices.

Any exchange components may be subject to a surcharge and old unit must be returned in an off the vehicle condition within 28 days unless otherwise agreed.

All prices are plus VAT at the current rate

We offer testing on all VDO pumps and injectors. We provide a

full report and our experience can help you to determine if the

component is causing your fault.

If you don’t see your component listed please give us a call.

This is not an extensive list and there are very few pumps

or injectors we cannot test or service.

Common Rail typical applications

Siemens part no          Part              Application

5WS40000-Z               Injector            Ford

5WS40007                  Injector            PSA

5WS40008-Z               Pump              Ford/PSA

5WS40019-Z               Pump              Ford/PSA

5WS40044                  Injector            PSA

5WS40057                  Injector            Jaguar

5WS40086                  Injector            Ford

5WS40087                  Injector           Renault

5WS40094                  Pump              Ford

5WS40103                  Injector           Ford/Jaguar

5WS40148-Z               Injector           Ford/PSA

5WS40149-Z               Injector           Ford/PSA

5WS40153                  Pump              Renault

5WS40156-Z               Injector           Ford/PSA

5WS40156-4Z             Injector           Ford/PSA

5WS40156-6               Injector           Ford/Volvo

5WS40157                  Pump              Ford/Jaguar

5WS40249                  Injector           Landrover

5WS40250                  Injector           Ford

5WS40380                  Injector           Ford

And many more on request...

Unit Injection typical applications

Siemens part no             Application

And many more on request...