Reman         Test and Report


Common Rail injector                                    £190                   £26

Common Rail pump                                       £565                 £145

DP200                                                            £555                 £155

DP210                                                            £595                 £155

DP310                                                            £605                 £155

DPA                                                               £355                   £85

DPS                                                               £555                 £155

DPC                                                               £555                 £155

DPCN                                                            £585                 £155

EPIC                                                              £POA               £225

Majormec                                                       £945                 £145

Minimec                                                         £595                 £145

Single stage injector                                       £40                 £4.50

Single stage sensor injector                           £60                    £13

Two stage injector                                          £60                    £13

Two stage sensor injector                              £70                    £22

Unit injector                                                    £225                  £35

Test and Report inclusive if unit supplied.

Common rail injector test price based on testing minimum of 2, otherwise minimum of 1 hour.

All items priced per unit unless otherwise stated.

Prices include normal service items but not major components.

All prices are subject to change, please contact us for latest prices.

Any exchange components may be subject to a surcharge and old unit must be returned in an off the vehicle condition within 28 days unless otherwise agreed.

All prices are plus VAT at the current rate.

We offer testing on all Delphi pumps and injectors. We

provide a full report and our experience can help you to

determine if the component is causing your fault.

If you don’t see your component listed please give us a call.

This is not an extensive list and there are very few pumps

or injectors we cannot test or service.

Common Rail typical applications

Delphi part no             Application

R00101Z                    Ford Mondeo          

R00201Z                    Ford Transit

R00202Z                    Ford Transit           

R00301Z                    Ford Mondeo          

R00401Z                    Ford Transit

R00402Z                    Ford Transit

R00501Z                    Ford Mondeo

R00502Z                    Ford Mondeo

R00504Z                    Ford/Jaguar 2.2

R00601D                    Ford Mondeo

R00901Z                    Kia/Hyundai

R01001D                    Ford Transit

R01301Z                    Ford 1.8 TDCi

R01601Z                    Ford 1.8 TDCi

R01701Z                    Renault

R01901Z                    Kia/Hyundai

R02101Z                    Renault

R02201Z                    Ford 1.8 TDCi

R02301Z                    Kia/Hyundai

R02801Z                    Kia/Hyundai

Conventional Diesel typical applications

Delphi part no        Type                         Application

3230F420               DPA                         Perkins

3241F490               DPA                         Massey Furguson

3248F090               DPA                         Rover 2.25

3249F751               DPA                         Landrover

8443B445F             DPC                        Ford 1.8

8443B996E             DPC                        Ford

8448B360A             DPC                        Renault Clio/Kangoo

8520A013A             DPS                        VW 1.6

8521A480A             DPS                        Iveco

8640A111B             Epic                        Renault

P5088/2                  Minimec                  

P5369E                   Minimec

P5409/2                  Majormec

P556071                 Minimec

B01702D                2 Stage Injector       Ford 1.8 TDDI

B01901D                2 Stage Injector       Vauxhall 1.7 (Isuzu engine)

B01902D                2 Stage Injector       Isuzu Marine applications

B02201D                2 Stage Injector       Ford 90ps

B02202D                2 Stage Injector       Ford 75ps

B02303D                2 Stage Injector       Ford 120ps

B02601D                2 Stage Injector       Ford 90ps

B02602D                2 Stage Injector       Ford 75ps

B02701D                2 Stage Injector       Ford 1.8 TDDI

B02801D                2 Stage Injector       Ford 120ps