Motor Vehicle or Commercial Vehicle Apprentice

Vacancy for an apprentice who may be coming to the end of their college part 2 training and has had previous experience in motor vehicle or commercial vehicle repairs and wishes to specialise in a new field of diesel injection systems where we will then provide our own training.

He or she will eventually be capable of high precision mechanical, electrical repairs and remanufacturing and will gain an in depth knowledge of diesel engines and electronic diesel engine management technology from early mechanical diesel pumps to the latest electronic common rail systems even to circuit board testing and repairs. The ideal applicant will have some experience in electronics and vehicle diagnosis and in the use of computers.

The job will involve diagnosis and removal of injection components on vehicles, mainly car & light commercial and some heavy commercial and bus. The successful applicant should be able to think logically and enjoy solving problems.

Must be keen & reliable.

Salary depending on level of experience and stage at college.

25 days Holiday per annum

Please apply in writing with your CV to:

Shaun Arkinstall Fuel Injection Services

Collet Way

Great Western Business Park



BS37 5NL